Under the Garden

Can you survive the cold, hard winter?



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Under the Garden is a survival game where you play a pixelated character whose sole aim is to survive the winter in the middle of the forest. The only help you'll have in doing so are your own skills and ingenuity.

At the beginning of the game you'll have a a destroyed hut and an axe. As you get through more days alive, it'll be possible to get more and more things. At first you'll be able to rebuild your cabin ... later you'll get firewood to start a fire and warm yourself ... you'll also be able to hunt to eat, etc.

In this way, as you get new tools (axe, pick axe, shotgun) the game gets transformed into a sort of 2D Minecraft centered on the game's survival aspect, where you'll constantly have to monitor your strength bar, since your hero will die if it runs out.

One of Under the Garden's most captivating aspects, besides its wonderful gameplay, are the graphics, similar to Sword and Sworcery and other indie titles of this style.

Under the Garden is a game that combines platforms, adventure, some action, and, above all, survival to provide players with a very entertaining experience that will put your ability and ingenuity to the test, if you want to survive.
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